Yang’s Signature Braised Chicken Rice Dish Takes Center Stage in LA Times

Yang’s signature braised chicken rice dish comes in three levels of spice, and the Los Angeles area is falling in love with all three. The brand – and the dish – was recently featured in the Los Angeles Times.

In a deep dive into the world of Shandong-style cuisine, which is not frequently found in the U.S., the writer explores the roots of Yang’s. Intrigued by a menu that contains just one item, the reporter highlighted Yang’s founder Xiaolu Yang and the journey the dish has taken to get to its first U.S. location in Tustin, California.

“Xiaolu first tried opening a traditional Shandong-style restaurant in Jinan with a full menu, but soon realized everyone only wanted to order his grandmother’s huang men ji,” the article says. “And not only were people ordering the stew, they were getting it with a side of rice that they then mixed in to it, a nontraditional but now-popular way to consume it.”

Click here to read the full story in the Los Angeles Times.

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