Our Story

Founded by Xiao Lu, Yang, Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice opened its first restaurant in Ji Nan, Shandong Province of China in 2011 and has since franchised more than 6,000 locations across China, Australia, Japan and Singapore

Our Single-Item Menu

The brand’s innovative single-item menu is rooted in tradition and has developed a loyal international fan-base. With a focus on quality through simplicity, Yang’s is committed to the extraordinary flavor of its ingredients, starting with the signature, proprietary sauce used at all locations. With its recent U.S. expansion, Yang’s is poised for continued growth to share its braised chicken rice with the world.

Our Mission

We aspire to be the dish of choice for the young at heart and the young of age. With our home-cooked, taste-of-childhood flavors, we hope to transport our guests to their family dinner table.

Our Team


Xiao Lu, Yang, the founder of Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice encountered his time in the kitchen since he was a little boy. His family owned a very famous restaurant back in the 1930’s, and Huang Men Braised Chicken was one of the signature dishes at the time, so he had grown up around it. Even learned how to cook by watching his grandmother in their family kitchen.

Under the great influence of his grand mother, Yang continued in the culinary field after grown up. After managing several five-star hotel kitchens, he opened several restaurants. During these years, it became clear that Huang Men chicken was always by far the most popular dish on the menu. When he decided to open Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice, he narrowed the menu down to only one dish: braised chicken with rice. Since then, he had created so many great relationships with hundreds of communities across a variety of different countries from our single and wildly popular dish, and he’s forever grateful for the skills and love of cooking his grandmother had taught him.


Xinyu Zhang, CEO of Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice USA Group, has helped to grow the brand for 4 years for International expansion. He successfully brought the first United States location to Tustin, California in September of 2017 and plans to continue to grow the concept across the country.